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Powered by Artificial Intelleigence and Peer-to-Peer technology, HiveCDN improves user experience and cuts CDN costs.

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About Us

When we started our company in 2013, we wanted to provide Machine Learning solutions to our clients. Our projects included recommendation engines for media companies, dynamic pricing systems for car sharing startups, IoT customer analytics solutions for malls and churn prediction models for retailers.

One consistent grievance we've heard from our media customers was that their CDN costs were too high. At the same time viewers were unable to access high-resolution content, leaving them unsatisfied.

Online video was (and still is!) the fastest growing use case of the internet, but its technical challenges were far from solved. This area was ripe for disruption by a dedicated, high-quality team. We first started working on ways to decrease video CDN costs, while at the same time increasing customer satisfaction by delivering a better user experience, increasing resolutions and bitrates.

Today, HiveCDN delivers high-quality live linear and VOD content to millions of viewers at higher resolutions at half the price of traditional CDN's.

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